Customer-centric Digitalization
That Makes Sense

This guide is for SME businesses that are planning a move towards digitization, evaluating considering how to proceed, and considering what external help is needed. The guide includes statistics, infographics, strategic insights, examples, and case studies.

What you will find inside:

Increasing operational efficiency or creating
new revenue streams: why do SMEs invest
in digitalization?

Why can digital transformation be tricky?

Main steps to become a digital company

6 stages of a digital transformation process

Real-life business cases of digitalization

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Digitalization of a business is not a matter of choice anymore. Our guide will introduce you to the in’s and out’s of digital transformation, provide handy insights and show you ways to make your business skyrocket!

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€65 billion

Expected SME spending on digitalization by 2022 in Europe,
Source: IDC FutureScape for Worldwide


Of global GDP digitalized by 2022,
Source: IDC FutureScape for Worldwide

$6.8 trillion

Direct digital transformation investments from 2020 to 2023,
Source: IDC FutureScape for Worldwide


Enterprises will invest heavily
in digitalizing employee experience
in 2021, Source: IDC FutureScape for Worldwide

pushing forward industry


Digitalization focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Our authors uncover insights from real business cases.

Wim Geeroms

Digital Accelerator, Winx Belgium

Wim is a seasoned, highly qualified Digital Leader operating at the intersection of business and technology. From whiteboard to market, Wim helps Belgian businesses and entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow their digital products and services, advancing as one team from start until finish. Wim is committed to create customer value and improve financial performance while remaining sensitive to the impact of change and transformation.

Kos Chekanov

Chief Executive Officer at Artkai

Kos is the CEO of a customer-centric digital product development company that for over six years has been helping entrepreneurs, innovators, industry disruptors, and established businesses shape
and launch digital products using a human-centered approach. Kos sets the vision and strategy for the company and communicates with clients of Artkai
and internal stakeholders


Shape and build customer-centric digital products

This whitepaper is brought to you by Artkai. Our products used by millions of people, and our clients have been recognized by Apple, Y-Combinator, Forbes, and have received got more than $350 million of funding.

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40+ global
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